Sarah Giannetti is an Italian pianist born in Sarzana in 1995. She started to play the piano in 1998 and had the opportunity to perform in some concerts near her native country. In 2006, she entered the Puccini Conversatory in La Spezia, under the guidance of Tina Zucchellini and Olga Zdorenko. In 2008, Sarah Giannetti started her studies at the Boito Conversatory in Parma, and graduated under the guidance of Master Roberto Cappello in 2016.


She obtained the opportunity for lessons with Alberto Nose, Jeffrey Swann, Roberto Cominati, Daniel Rivera, Riccardo Risaliti and Jin Ju. 


In 2016, she started her studies in the “Hochschule Fűr Music und Tanz” in Koln (Germany), with Master Fabio Bidini. She then studied at the prestigious Accademia Pianistica in Imola, under the guidance of Master Leonid Margarius. 


Laureate of National and International competitions:

-2004, First prize winner at Premio “Vittorio Righetti piano competition” (Lerici)

-2009, First Prize winner at “J.S. Bach piano competition”(Sestri Levante).

-2012, “Liszt award” for the best interpretation of Valzer Faust (Liszt-Gounod), (Firenze).

-2013, First prize winner of “International Crescendo piano competition”(Firenze), “Giulio

Rospigliosi”(Pistoia), “International Riviera della Versilia piano competition”(Viaregg)

-2014, “Imola International piano award” and First prize winner of “Albenga International piano


-2014, “Debussy Award” for the best interpretation of L'isle Joyeuse (Milano).

-2017, First prize winner of “Piove di Sacco International piano competition”(Padova),

“International piano competition Città di Sarzana” and “Cortemilia International piano


-2018, First Prize winner of “Padova International competition for soloists and orchestra” (Padova), First Prize winner of “International Competition CMCV”(Verona) Grand Prize Winners of "Global Music Partnership International Competition 2018" Uzbekistan (Tashkent)


Sarah Giannetti has performed at some of the most beautiful Italian places:

  • Venezia: Toniolo's Theatre, Sale Apollinee in Fenice, Albrizzi and Cavagnis Palace. 

  • Firenze: Palazzo Vecchio. 

  • Padova: Auditorium Pollini, Zacco Armeni Palace. 

  • Sarzana: Impavidi's Theatre, St. Francesco's Church, Fortezza Firmafede. 

  • Parma: Auditorium del Carmine, Auditorium Paganini, Palazzo Farnense. 

  • Viareggio: Principe di Piemonte. 

  • Montichiari: Bonori's Theatre. 

  • Abano Terme: Mirror's Room. 

  • La Spezia: Theatre “Il Nuovo”. 

  • Napoli: Academy of Arts. 

  • Misano Adriatico: St. Biagio and Erasmo's Church, Gradara's Castle. 

  • Brescia: Diocesano Museum.


More recently, Sarah performed at some concerts held in London at Shoreditchtreehouse as well.


Sarah Giannetti has played for many important and International Festivals, like “Verdi Festival”,

“Toscanini Festival”,”Milano piano City Festival”,”Misano Adriatico Festival”, “Monferrato classic

Festival”, “Sarzana pianistic Festival” and “Mario Ghislandi International Music Festival”.


In 2018, she has also gained the opportunity to perform with "The National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan", “Toscanini Symphony Orchestra”, “OPV Symphony Orchestra” and “Venice Chamber Orchestra”, debuting with Rachmaninov 3rd's Piano Concerto.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.