VP Agency International is founded by classical events organizer veteran Vincent Chong and the most promising concert pianist, Steinway Artist Poom Prommachart.  The boutique agency is a cutting-edge artistic development and classical music events management company based in Singapore. We provide our handpicked musicians with holistic and forward-thinking management services.

Our motto - Progressive, Creative, Well-connected - inspires our team to work towards bringing our artists to perform on famous international stages and concert halls throughout the world. We are committed to enabling our artists and academia personnel to excel with distinction and maximizing their opportunities for career development.

VP Agency International will provide all the necessary administrative, marketing and public relations aspects of the artist’s work or performance program. In order to help shape our artist’s career in the long run as well as on a day to day basis, we will:

  • Help artists to book gigs and performance opportunities

  • Plan album projects

  • Book and plan concert tours

  • Plan the marketing of the artists

  • Promote sales of artists’ albums and merchandise

  • Help to establish and pursue a long term career